SkyFend Technology is a global leading provider of C-UAS solutions. As a tech-driven enterprise, our company is committed to technological innovation in the field of electronic countermeasures. We possess top-notch, proprietary core technologies and a competitive advantage in terms of industry-leading talent. Our focus is on building a comprehensive, all-weather countermeasure system for various C-UAS scenarios.

for a Safer World

  • Courage

    We aim to be the global leader in C-UAS Solutions. This aspiration carries with it the unwavering determination to strive for excellence, regardless of the challenges that may arise along the journey.

  • Wisdom

    SkyFend continues to develop core technologies and provides leading technological breakthroughs for the global C-UAS industry.

  • Efficiency

    At SkyFend, our high-level work efficiency enables us to innovate more and create more. In comparison to large corporations, our efficiency forms a crucial core competency for us.

  • Realism

    We firmly believe in the importance of self-criticism and confronting our shortcomings in order to become better versions of ourselves. By doing so, we are able to make objective and sound judgments and decisions.

Research & Innovation

  • 25%

    Over the course of two years, the R&D expenses we have invested accounted for 25% of the company's expenditures.

  • 85%

    By the end of 2022, our R&D personnel accounting for nearly 85% of the total workforce.

  • 87patents

    Since 2020, SkyFend held a total of 182 active patents, including 87 patents owned, 95 patents filed.

Quality Control

SkyFend is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of our products. We have invested in state-of-the-art labs, including an OTA lab, high/low temperature test lab, protocol analysis lab, etc. to rigorously test our systems. Our commitment to quality guarantees that our products will perform flawlessly in real-world scenarios.