Portable Reconnaissance and Integrated System


SkyFend's portable solution is specifically designed to address high-risk scenarios involving VIP anti-drone security, catering to the need for exceptional maneuverability. This solution aims to provide comprehensive protection for national leaders, international dignitaries, celebrities, and other prominent individuals, ensuring that they are shielded from the disruptions caused by unauthorized drone surveillance or attacks.

Product Suite


Blader is a portable jammer for SUAVs. Featuring countermeasures for flight control, map transmission, and GNSS bands, it can repel drones or force them to crash.

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Tracer is a portable UAV detection and positioning device designed to receive, analyze and process radio signals from a wide range of UAV models.

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Spoofer is an advanced GNSS navigation spoofing device. It can enforce area denial, redirect drones to predetermined orientations and manipulate their flight paths to designated locations.

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Guider is a command and control software. As an intelligent control hub, it can be connected to all C-UAS devices. Thus creating a systematic and intelligent C-UAS workflow.

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Defender optional

Optional Defender is a compact and cost-effective K-band FMCW radar. It can significantly enhance detection precision and response speed in countering UAVs.

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  • Wearable compact design
  • Seamless integration of data visualization
  • Capable of precisely directing drones to crash or land
  • Enables wireless networking for multiple devices


SkyFend's portable solution incorporates lightweight design and integrates handheld radio detectors, jammer, GNSS spoofer, and C2 tablet. With only 2 operators, it enables detection, repulsion, and even controlled crash. This complete anti-drone closed-loop process effectively eliminates the risks posed by drones, including FPVs.

  • Detection

    2km protocol analysis
    /+ 1km accurate recognition and positioning

  • Jamming

    Jamming Range: 1.5km
    Jamming Frequency:
    Cover most drone models.
    The expansion module enables the expansion of arbitrary frequency bands.

  • Spoofing

    2km GNSS spoofing

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