SkyfendHunter is a cost-effective, versatile handheld jammer that can detect, identify, locate, and mitigate drone threats.
Hunter delivers exceptional effectiveness against the majority of types and models of UAVs. It possesses the capability to simultaneously disrupt the control link, navigation and video transmission of multiple drones.
Hunter revolutionizes mitigation technology with its sleek and all-in-one design, enabling precise RF and GNSS jamming. With its compact form factor and user-friendly interface, Hunter is the ultimate counter-drone solution for various scenarios, including event security, VIP protection and energy facility security.


With omni-directional antennas, Hunter detects and alerts to drone signals in all directions within 2km range. Upon a drone entering the detection zone, Hunter swiftly obtains its model, frequency band, and direction. It then automatically adjusts the jamming frequency, targeting the RF or GNSS signals specific to the detected drone model, effectively neutralizing the drone threat beyond visual range.

  • Omni Detection Range


  • Jamming Range


No Drone Missed

Hunter incorporates a comprehensive drone database for detection, covering mainstream UAV models. It provides continuous coverage from 400MHz to 6GHz on hardware perspective. With firmware upgrade it may jam any frequency. More jamming possibility is offered especially for wide-spectrum FPV. Additionally, Hunter supports customization of frequency ranges to meet specific customer requirements.

Easy of Use

Hunter's exceptional ease of use sets it apart in the industry. It excels at detecting the models of UAVs and swiftly select targeted jamming strategy. All you need to do is to pull the trigger. If multiple drones invade Hunter will comprehensively evaluate the threat and select jamming strategy. All jamming strategy has considered the possibility of frequency hopping from the drones.

Versatile Touch Screen

The 3.5-inch touchscreen offers a high resolution of 1280 x 720, enabling users to obtain a clear view of the quantity, frequency bands and models of intruding drones. Additionally, the touchscreen provides detailed direction-finding guidance, facilitating efficient user operations. In conjunction with other detection devices, the touchscreen intuitively displays real-time countermeasure efficacy. Users can utilize the touchscreen to adjust basic settings such as alarm modes, device connectivity and languages.

Intelligent Jamming

Designated Strategy Per Drone | Automatic Generation
Integrated System | Data Interoperability

Timely Aftersales Support

Hunter records every jamming data offline. If any malfunction occurs, users can export the event log* to us. And professional after-sale engineers will provide timely remote system diagnostics and feedback.

Firmware Upgrade

Event Log

Send to

Up-to-Date System

The system of Hunter can be effortlessly updated by connecting to PC via USB cable. We consistently deliver data update packages to users that encompass the newest drone models, guaranteeing that the detection and jamming performance of Hunter will not diminish over time. In this way, we establish a dominant position in electronic warfare.

Product Overview

Type-C Port Touch Panel Power Button FUNC Button Charging Port Trigger Battery Chamber

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